Business Management Solutions


In Person

Staffmore’s experienced staff and contractors provide in-person training at the partner’s site on a variety of topics applicable to direct service providers, managers, and organizational leaders. For direct service providers the topics include but are not limited to behavioral health, addictions, boundaries, burn out, etc. For managers and leaders, the topics include motivating staff, developing talent internally, identifying the best candidates, finances for non-profits, strategic planning, leadership development, board training, etc. For independent contractors we offer financial planning workshops as it relates to budgeting and tax preparation as independent contractors


A state-of-the-art e-learning system provides access to a wealth of information on all topics ranging from customer service to behavioral health topics and beyond

CPR and First Aid certification

Staffmore’s certified trainer provides both full day in-person training and hybrid (online/in-person) training that results in participants being certified in Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid. The trainings are generally offered monthly, however if a large enough group (5 – 7 participants) forms, we can schedule additional trainings. The training can be done on site at Staffmore, LLC or at your office site provided there is onsite parking./p>


Our goals

To expedite the credentialing process to ensure that your company engages fully credentialed contractors and employees./p>

Our approach

We engage candidates (permanent or independent contractors) to ensure that they are completing their portion of credentialing quickly. We rely on relationship building to support completion. In addition, we issue all external requests for information immediately upon request for credentialing in efforts to complete the process as efficiently as possible

Why Staffmore

Credentialing potential employees and contractors is a time-consuming process that requires ongoing follow up and tracking. Staffmore, LLC has developed expertise in the regulations that apply to positions in the behavioral field ensuring that we keep ourselves, our contractors, and our partners informed of changes in regulations.

Human Resources

Our human resources experts serve both as consultants and as human resources managers. Among the many services provided, Staffmore’s human resources managers develop and implement appropriate onboarding and off-boarding processes to reduce risk to the employer; develop, maintain and update employee handbooks; provide guidance regarding performance improvement and employee reviews Employee Benefits Administration is another area of expertise ensuring that all employees are aware of benefits offered and eligibility. Staffmore’s human resources managers provide guidance and support regarding benefit plans that best serve both the company and the employee.

Talent Development & Coaching

Human Resources is one of the most critical assets a company can have. Human resources drive a company forward and support its success. Staffmore provides in-person and e-learning training services designed to develop your company’s talent pool. Have you identified an existing employee or contractor who exhibits potential for growth in the company? Do you have new managers who can benefit from coaching? Staffmore will partner with you to ensure that:

  • Employees are engaged in professional development and growth
  • Identified employees develop the general skillset needed to support company growth and development
  • Employee coaching and development aligns with the company’s mission, vision, values

Finance Management

Staffmore provides a variety of services that support the fiscal management of companies. The services can be bundled or separated according to the company’s needs.

Full Bookkeeping

Accounts payable and accounts receivable ensuring that the company’s books are ready for audit and tax preparation. Our specialty is in partnering with small businesses recognizing that when the owners are afforded the time to dedicate to business development their businesses grow and succeed.

Tax Preparation

Our expert tax preparers are poised to prepare and e-file individual and small business taxes to ensure compliance with all tax laws and regulations


Staffmore will process payroll in an efficient manner ensuring that all information is entered accurately so employees can be paid on time with no concerns.

Financial Analysis

Budget preparation, control, and forecasting services as well as financial analysis and report preparation.

Quality Assurance


Staffmore offers to review all documentation for administrative accuracy thus reducing the likelihood of misrepresentations and funding retractions. Organizations use this review to support positive state and local service audit outcomes.


Staffmore’s trained behavioral health clinicians review the clinical content of progress notes to ensure quality of service as well as assess treatment progress. The notes are reviewed for compliance with evaluation recommendations, proper use of interventions, and interaction with established treatment plans.