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Searching for good candidates who meet the professional needs of the company can be one of the most taxing and time consuming aspects of human resources. Companies need candidates with the “right” professional qualifications who mirror the company’s values and who can be committed to its mission and vision. Staffmore, LLC partners with the hiring managers to understand the organizational culture and the staffing need. We work diligently to identify the best candidate to meet those needs and then proceed with introduction and eventual placement.

Accounting and Finance

Staffmore provides a variety of services that support the fiscal management of companies. The services can be bundled or separated according to the company’s needs. We engage companies in all bookkeeping and payroll functions. These functions include account administration, billing, general ledger, payroll management, and report preparation to name a few.

Staffmore’s accounting and finance department is also prepared to provide budget preparation, control, and forecasting services as well as financial analysis. We have expertise in individual and company tax preparation, regulatory compliance, and employment tax support.

Human Resources

Our human resources experts serve both as consultants and as human resources managers. Among the many services provided, Staffmore’s human resources managers develop and implement an appropriate onboarding and off-boarding process to reduce risk to the employer; develop, maintain and update employee handbooks; provide guidance regarding performance improvement and evaluation.

Employee Benefits Administration is another area of expertise ensuring that all employees are aware of benefits offered and eligibility. Staffmore’s human resources managers provide guidance and support regarding benefit plans that best serve both the company and the employee.

Paloma Amar Coleman – Director or (215) 772-0101 ext. 100