Case Manager

Staffmore is currently seeking a Case Manager. This opportunity is a full-time permanent position with our client in the Philadelphia area.

Job Overview:

As a Case Manager, there are many responsibilities that need to be carried out on a day-to-day basis which means there may not be a such thing as a typical day in Case Management. On an average day, a Case Manager will spend time doing the following:

  • Meeting with Clients
  • Filling out Paperwork
  • Meeting with Care Teams
  • Advocating for Clients
  • Creating or Assisting in the creation of Care Plans
  • Making Home & Court Visits



  • Performs a variety of counseling, referral, placement and/or adoptive services for assigned cases within the CUA
  • Maintains a caseload of ten (10) families at one time, or such other number as they may be assigned by the CUA Case Management Supervisor or CUA Case Management Director
  • Conducts interviews with individuals requiring agency services including requests for temporary shelter, placement of children or unusual and difficult social service cases; make home visits to families of emotionally disturbed and/or problem children; elicits data to ascertain nature and extent of complaint, severity of problems, potential danger to individual, and/or facts and circumstances relevant to requests; reviews case record for client’s and family’s profile, socio-economic history, previous treatment and service experiences, and/or special problems and family history, financial and social problems, individual perspectives and perceptions, attitudes and behavior and other factors; observes interactions of client, family members and peers; makes decisions related to eligibility for CUA services; obtains and evaluates social information concerning families with unusual or chronic social service problems; contacts professionals and members of community to discuss history of case and service needs.
  • Develops service plan to provide a variety of social services referrals and to define goals and objectives; determines need for social, behavioral, medical and/or psychological services; provides individual or family counseling as needed; makes referrals to a variety of support agencies; monitors individual and family progress, cooperation, and acceptance of services.
  • Plans for the appropriate placement of individuals in a kinship or family foster home, care program, facility or institution; interviews prospective applicants, clients and providers; orients participants in program’s goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities of various parties, and legal ramifications; arranges for any medical or psychiatric treatment prior to placement.
  • Monitors and evaluates activities of agencies contracted to provide a variety of social services; visits and inspects direct placement to evaluate progress, and/or problems of client; prepares and discusses written evaluations of agency; finds alternative placement for client when warranted; recommends services provided to client by agency be terminated.
  • Initiates court action when appropriate and prepares necessary work.
  • Attends periodic staff and personal conferences; confers with superior on difficult problems; prepares reports and correspondence; keeps records of all assigned cases.
  • Obtains a minimum of twenty (20) hours of training per fiscal year.
  • Performs related work as required.

 Experience & Education:

  • 1-3 years of Case Management Work Experience
  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree in social work at an accredited college or university
  • A master’s degree in Social Work may be substituted for two years of experience.