Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic agendas delineate the organization’s goals, objectives and action steps aligning with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Staffmore’s consultants approach the development of a strategic agenda in a collaborative manner, culminating with a document reflective of the organization’s ability to respond to changing environments. Strategic agendas can be as simple or as comprehensive as the organization’s circumstances dictate. Staffmore’s consultants work in partnership with leaders and non-profit Boards to create an organic corporate strategic agenda designed to position the organization for growth and stability. We incorporate accountability and metrics at every level to ensure that the organization’s leaders and Board of Directors can measure progress towards objectives in a meaningful manner.

Leadership Development

whether you are new leader or an experienced leader beginning to experience burn-out and stress, our experienced coaches can help you:

  • Set and achieve realistic professional and life goals
  • Leverage your personal strengths
  • Recognize and overcome obstacles to your success
  • Manage responsibilities and balancing professional demands with self-care
  • Make successful career and life transitions

Organizational Assessment and Development

Staffmore focuses on supporting organizational change by assessing current functioning and proposing a streamlined process that improves efficiencies. A consultant outside of an organization can view the organization in an objective manner.

Staffmore’s consultants have experience in organizational assessment and development. We review current organizational operations and functioning from

all aspects (i.e. human resources, financial, leadership, etc.) and, partner with you to develop a plan to streamline functioning and processes, reduce redundancy and waste, increase productivity, and reduce human resources turn-over.

Non-profit Organization Board Development and Training

Membership in a non-profit board provides community members the opportunity to benefit their community by providing support and expertise while engaging their passions and investment in making their world a better place for others.

Staffmore offers Board training and development services customized to address the specific organization needs such as:

  • Define the structure, roles, responsibilities and functions of non-profit boards
  • Examine how board leadership differs from management, developing a checks and balances system
  • Develop board policies to ensure governance. Where appropriate, Staffmore is prepared to draft the policies
  • Renew Board member commitment to the organization by developing a sense of teamwork and focus on organizational goals
  • Assess and recommend strategies to prevent/resolve Board and Executive conflict in a manner that most benefit the organization