Staffmore, LLC has expertise in developing partnerships to ensure organizational and individual success. We partner with candidates to ensure a positive employment and contracting experience. We also partner with organizations to thoroughly understand the needs and tailor our approach and services to meet those needs. Staffmore’s knowledge and experience in staffing and business solutions translates into quality-dedicated service designed to meet the needs of those we work with.

How Can We Help?

  • Career Partnerships/Staffing

    When you are seeking to be hired (candidates), Staffmore engages professionals seeking new challenges and organizations offering opportunities. We will do the matching for a mutually beneficial experience.

  • Business Solutions

    We provide companies with all back office services, the type of work that keeps organizations functioning. Services include accounting and finance as well as human resources. These include payroll, accounts payables/receivables, human resource management, among others. We have the experience to address your need with efficiency and quality.

  • Training/Quality Assurance

    Whether you or your company seeks training for behavioral health clinical staff, CPR/First Aid, management and human resources coaching or training, Staffmore can help! We offer a blend of electronic and in-person training using state of the art software and best practice models. For clinical staff, we provide trainings to assure compliance with regulatory standards and to meet continuing education needs. For human resources and management staff, we offer coaching and training to help reach business goals.