Talent acquisition and staffing

We’ve earned the reputation of providing only top-quality staff and contractors, making the entire hiring process cost and time efficient. We provide staffing services for independent contract work, rolling employment, as well as direct placement for fulltime and management positions, as well as interim executive level positions. By pulling from our own pool of professionally trained and screened candidates, we are able to best match your individual company’s needs.

Our staffing process is designed to spare your company from the typical costs and countless hours involved in the employment process. From recruiting, vetting, interviewing, training and credentialing, assisting with the on-boarding process and HR, we provide a full staffing service that takes care of the entire process from start to finish. We pull from our own pool of professionally trained and screened candidates, to best match the needs of your business.

Our Goals

Our goal is to partner with you to provide your company with the highest quality professionals to meet your specific staffing needs currently and in the future.

Our approach

We custom tailor our staffing service to your stated needs for professionals and para-professionals. We start with a conversation with your hiring managers to ensure we understand your culture and the type of contractor or employee that will thrive in your environment. Our full-service staffing is one of our most expansive and esteemed services because we work with both big businesses with large work-forces as well as small businesses seeking specialized positions.

Our expertise

We specialize in supporting the staffing needs of non-profit organizations in the fields of Behavioral Health, Education, Business, and Management. We also have extensive experience supporting for-profit organizations’ staffing needs in front office and back office requirements as well as C-suite level employees, contractors, and interim executives.

Why partner with Staffmore

Searching for good candidates who meet the professional needs of the company can be one of the most taxing and time-consuming aspects of human resources. We find the right candidates, provide training and certifications as needed, coordinate interviews with the hiring managers and, upon placement, follow up to ensure success or address any concerns. When you partner with Staffmore to fill a position, we guarantee your satisfaction from the first day and past initial employment.

Contact Us

To get started, for consultation or any other questions regarding staffing, please reach out to Elizabeth, our Employment and Recruiting Manager.

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