TSS – Philadelphia

Staffmore, LLC is currently seeking Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) to work with children with behavioral health issues in Philadelphia, PA.

The TSS opportunity is a contracted opportunity that provides 1:1 support to children ages 18 months to 21 years of age in the classroom and/or home setting. TSS are an integral part of a behavioral health team, who implement the treatment plan developed by a licensed behavior specialist (BSC).

  • Applicants should be able to work well both as a member of a team and independently
  • Carry out behavioral interventions that are developed by the lead clinician (BSC)
  • Utilize the treatment plan interventions to support the child in meeting goals
  • Demonstrate solid clinical skills and common sense
  • Must be computer literate

FOR TSS ONLY:  Staffmore, as an incentive offers an hourly rate increase for those applicants that complete the following within 5 days of the interview with Staffmore.

  • Present all of your clearances, degree, transcripts within 5 days of the interview
  • Complete all of the required training through Staffmore (we use a web based training system) or present proof of training no older than 9 months within 5 days of the interview
  • Complete the Act 168
  • References (you must contact your references to alert them that Staffmore will be calling and to please reply within 5 days of the initial contact from Staffmore)- completed within 5 days of the interview
  • You accept a case within 5 days of the interview

The hourly rate negotiated will remain as long as you are a contractor with Staffmore in good standing.


  • Associate’s degree/ 60 college credits and 3+ years of paid experience working with children


  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of human services (eg sociology, psychology, education, social work, criminal justice) (No experience required)


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field other than human services with one year post Bachelor’s paid experience working with children

All TSS are required to submit to background screening, which consists of the following:

1. FBI Clearance
2. PA State Police Clearance
3. Child Abuse Clearance
4. CPR & First Aid certification required
5. Original diploma and transcripts

Please submit your resume to: Jasmine@Staffmore.com
** Please note that all TSS are hired by Staffmore as independent contractors. Qualified candidates are not eligible for health benefits, workers compensation or unemployment benefits. Additionally, independent contractors are required to pay their own taxes, Staffmore does not take taxes out of contractors pay checks.**