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Business Management

There is no substitute for experience. As business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges companies face. Our depth of knowledge and unwavering commitment to each of our clients positions us as more than a trusted staffing resource. At Staffmore, our goal from day one is to be an extension of your team – a partner who listens and takes the time to understand your business.

Our Services


At Staffmore, we ensure that each of our placed contractors is fully trained. We also offer consultation to review your business’s current training needs and prepare an instructional plan that meets regulatory compliance. Based on this consultation, we are able to prescribe a custom, state-of-the-art e-learning program.


Staffmore’s experience in behavioral health, medical and educational staffing makes us experts in the specialized education, certification, training and clearances that are required in these fields. We stay up-to-date on ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements which ensures that each of our candidates is credentialed for their position, and that they remain continuously credentialed.

Financial Management

Staffmore provides a variety of services that support the fiscal management of companies. These services can be bundled or separated according to your company’s needs.

Full Bookkeeping

Our accounts payable and accounts receivable professionals ensure that your company is ready for audit and tax preparation. Our specialty is partnering with small businesses, recognizing that when the owners are afforded the time to dedicate to business development their businesses grow and succeed.


Staffmore will process payroll in an efficient manner ensuring that all information is entered accurately so employees can be paid on time with no concerns.

Financial Analysis

We provide budget preparation, control and forecasting services as well as financial analysis and reporting.

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To get started, for consultation or any other questions regarding staffing, please reach out to Christina, Director of Operations.